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The Confidence Of A Hummingbird

For the past 20 years of my adult life I have been searching for my true purpose on this planet. Everywhere I have looked, everything I have tried  has consistently turned up nothing. I have always been left with the same feeling of being left with a blank.  A “no answer”. Is something wrong with me? I have never known myself to NOT be an eternally happy, social and free spirited person. I pride myself on these traits. So why have I not been able to figure out my true meaning?

Confidence… confidence is what I’ve been missing.

The Confidence of A Humminbird

Let me start by telling you what I have discovered by witnessing the confidence of a humming bird. I have learned that confidence can not exist outside on your exterior as it appears to when you see someone with it. It’s not a shiny piece of armor that can be placed in such a way to protect you from any outside influence. I’ve found that you can not find it out in the world and adhere it to your life as a shield no matter what anyone convinces you of. It’s not for purchase. It doesn’t come in pill form or from an app or through daily diet regimens.

It must be first conceived deep inside of your soul within your physical structure that your creator has gifted you. So, think about it this way… Imagine a tiny spark that you ignite one day, the day you decide to take your life into your own control, that then turns into a candle size flame which then leads you to steer your sails into a direction you never knew was possible and then this flame steadily develops into a fire that fuels your whole being in a new positive and healthy way… at this moment you can decide what your existence means to you and the world around you. And there in lies your purpose.

Only you can travel this path to self discovery.

Ok… Let’s go back to the humming bird and his confidence… I drove up to the gate of my house one day, both sides flanked with blooming Mexican sage. As I pulled up a humming bird was buzzing around the bush on my side deciding which bloom to kiss. I sat there and watched from my car window thinking about the natural confidence of this creature. How he knew beyond a shadow that he was going to kiss every one of those blooms he kissed without ever stopping his wings to land. Maneuvering his body in such a way that he was defying all gravity. Defying all elements against him including me and my vehicle. I know he knew I was there. I know he knew I was a possible threat but his confidence kept me and all the other obstacles at bay so he could achieve what he set out to do.

This concept is something I am striving to remind myself of every day.  To know what I want, what I need and how I’m going to achieve it. Then, and only then success will come! Clear purpose will come.

But from within it will come…


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