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At ChrisJohn KevTom, it is our passion to curate Style and Design to best suit you, your product line, your customer base, and the over all image goal of how you would like your brand to be represented. As in all things we do, we strive to present a thoughtful representation of what our client is trying to achieve. Our styling and designing services are no different. With these services we will work to complement and ideally enhance your existing brand representation and image.

Personal/Red Carpet –
Whether you have a very special occasion (Red Carpet), a new work endeavor (Personal Styling), or feel the need for a full wardrobe update (Closet Inventory Assistance)… We can handle it! Enjoy the CJKT touch as we take on all the shopping/pulling from our extensive list of sources so that you don’t have to. We will bring all the options to you so that you can try everything on in the comfort of your home. Shoes, accessories, jewelry… We can even arrange alterations, hair and makeup services when needed to ensure you look your absolute best.

Product/Wardrobe – blog_dsc6731
We love working with print or television advertising campaigns and published editorial features. We can handle everything from the product styling for your new Jewelry or Handbag line (Product Styling) to the full wardrobe styling needs on the set of your TV commercial ad campaign (Wardrobe Styling). We can source everything that the models/actors are wearing to best complement your product or company. From professional hair and make up artists to locations, props and even photographers if needed. We will remain on set with the photographer or director at all times to ensure the integrity of the product and wardrobe styling remain maintained and camera ready at all times.


Location/Set Design –
A fun extension of our design expertise and background come into play when you need a space created for your print or television advertising campaigns or a published editorial feature. You may or may not be able to find the exact location you were hoping for, but we can help create that blank slate to look exactly how it should to represent what you had in mind (Set Design) or find the exact location to represent the space you need (Location Services). No detail is to small when creating an image that is meant to represent something that it’s not. We know how to work with and manipulate those details to make all the difference.