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Revealing All That Is You

Most of us have the same reaction when a rainbow appears… “Awwwww! Wow!” It is a magical experience that is a privilege to witness. It seems like it’s something that is from another world or dimension that we know can not and will not last. So we visually soak up as much of it as we can until it dissipates back into the atmosphere. Luck has been associated with rainbows throughout centuries such as the idea of finding a pot of gold where the colors meet the earth. However no one has actually found this to be true. But the thought that it does exist is a fun one and is at root of most folk lore within the human population no matter what background.

Revealing All That Is You | ChrisJohn KevTom Blog

Have you ever thought about how the rainbow feels in this situation? What he must feel like to be so venerable to reveal all his colors so vibrantly and true to all. It seems to me he shows himself with pride and grace.

This idea of looking at the appearance of a rainbow from the rainbow’s perspective can be useful in how you reveal yourself to others in your world. Learning to keep the wonder and amazement in your audience is a skill that must be practiced and sharpened. You’ll notice that some people in the public eye have this idea down pat. You will see some who do not understand this idea. Find where you exist right now on this spectrum. Find out where you want to exist.

Revealing your true colorful self at the perfect time to individuals or groups who will have the reaction you seek will add value to your life in so many ways.

You are beautiful and you deserve to be admired in such a way…



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