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Indian Springs Resort & Spa | Calistoga, California

Get Away with ChrisJohn Kevtom to the Calm Natural Waters of Calistoga


At the north end of Napa Valley there is a place where we love to recharge our engines. In the small town of Calistoga there is a resort called Indian Springs that has been rejuvenating the lives of guests for decades.

Our perfect Indian Springs Day…

Sunrise woke us up as the breeze swept through the palms…

We scheduled our volcanic mud baths to be right after breakfast, a brilliant choice. The hour and a half of sauna, mud plunges and mineral water soak was unbelievable only to be followed by a mid day relaxing massage next to the Buddha Pond.

After our treatments we walked over to a late lunch at Sam’s Social, the adjoining restaurant that came highly recommended. Sam’s did not disappoint!

When our lunch settled we went for a dip in one of the naturally spring fed pools on property. We spent a good part of the afternoon poolside with drinks and snacks.

Later in the day we explored the resort doing something we love to do during our stay at any property… Checking out all the other room options available, then deciding on a room for our next stay!

When night fell back into the water we went for a night swim. The soothing warm water made our skin soft and calmed our muscles preparing us for a beautiful night of sleep…

We can not wait to return. Maybe we will see you there!

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