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From young ages we have been exposed to the event industry in different ways. This long running experience has sharpened our ideas and standards for designing with the highest quality in mind. An event is the one opportunity to impress the invited guests while celebrating something very special. We will manage everything from design and management of rentals and existing elements that bring an event to life,  to day of logistics management at any location around the world.


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We have a passion for working with our clients to create the perfect event that reflects their own individuality. We love playing around with all of the senses in a beautifully arranged environment that leaves a lasting memory of the time that was spent in the hearts and minds of every guest attending.




Logistics Management


Whether on the warm white sandy beaches of the Caribbean or under the enchanted cherry blossoms of Japan in Spring or within the walls of a mid-city ballroom anywhere we can make sure your event happens while exceeding your expectations. We believe that the time leading up to and including the day of should be an enjoyable time for you, not a stressful experience. With our calm demeanor we will deal with surprises that pop up, finding solutions that will not take away from the integrity of your event.




Rental Management

The items rented for your event spanning from tenting overhead to the appetizer demi-spoon all play an important part in the bigger picture of what your guest experience is. We will work with you to select the right pieces to ensure your event is an extension of you, the host. This is very important to us. After selections are made, we will handle all correspondence and contracts with any number of necessary rental companies and pull everything together in a way that appears seamless


Textile Draping


The possibilities are endless when you bring any textile into your event hardscape. The mood of an evening can be manipulated in completely different ways by hanging delicate woven silks catching candlelight in a dining space or by suspending an element wrapped with a printed cotton graphic over a bar area. We love bringing the perfect custom objects into a space that will compliment yet transform a space into your very own.