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ChrisJohn is a free spirited, fun loving, shining light. Never focused on the negative, he makes sure everyone around him (especially KevTom) is having a good time and enjoying life… even while working. As a West Coast native ChrisJohn was raised smack in the middle of the Northern California event world working for his family business. From hot air balloon races in Sonoma County to street festivals in Downtown Oakland to equestrian shows along the central coast and everything in between. During the dot com boom, he studied Graphic Design at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. His creative, artistic nature loved what he learned but when it came down to finding a job as a graphic designer he quickly realized the market was saturated and the dot com bubble had burst. It was then that he figured out he could take his artistic expression of design and apply it to his event industry foundation and has had success ever since in all aspects of Event Design. ChrisJohn has always been a lover of life, always curious and always enthralled with everything on this planet great tasting near and far. 

                                                                                                                               Kev Tom
KevTom enjoys the details in life… Grounded and realistic while still able to enjoy the finer things. Always up for a new adventure, he is the who brings structure (or tries to!) to ChrisJohn’s free flowing nature. KevTom was born in Southern California but moved to NorCal with his family at the age of 10. He was homeschooled by his parents which allowed him to spend time cultivating his creative passions. At the age of 16 he received his GED and began working full time for a family telecommunications business. He excelled at each position in the business until finally becoming the Director of Operations at age 27. From age 19 to 29, all while working a full time job, KevTom’s creative outlet was Event Planning. Finally after teaming up with ChrisJohn he made the decision to apply his business management background to the event industry full time. Since making that choice KevTom has experienced success with everything he touches. 

  • deb

    So now I know the full story – LOVE it!
    You guys are beyond inspiring…such a pleasure to be in your orbit.

    XO, DebReplyCancel

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